"Lora is a miracle worker and an extremely talented Interior Designer. She effortlessly blended my style and my husband's style into one AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL home." - Christine P., Bonita Springs, FL


"Thank you for responding to our beautification need. The clubhouse has never looked better. It was great working with you and bring things up to the standard they should be. I still walk through the building every day just to admire it. Thank you again." - Phyllis F.


"Lora took our dated interior and transformed from something I used to hide from my friends to a place I now want to show off." - Geoffrey B., Sanibel Florida


"We knew when we bought the house it had potential. The location was wonderful but the house itself was in a very basic state, just waiting to be brought to life. Enter Lora Potts! Thank you for taking that potential and making it the reality it is today. We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome. I really must compliment you on your ability to listen to and improve on your client's wish list." - Irene & Steve P.